Dear colleagues

A very cordial invitation to the 19th European Congress of Psychology in Paphos, CYP 2025!

There is no shortage of difficult tasks and stressful crises. The dynamics and complexity of global development are frightening and leave many people at a loss. The developments affect the lives of all people. This is where psychology must and wants to help!

As a science, psychology aims to describe, understand and explain these complex problems, but of course also to change them. In order not to lose our bearings, we need a compass. Together with many other sciences and professions, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals serve as our guide today.

The ECP 2025 in Paphos offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on where we stand as a science and profession when it comes to the pressing issues of our time. The strengths of psychology will certainly also become clear! Because as a cultural and social science, as a natural and health science, as a life science and engineering science, it has the necessary tools. In its versatility, it forms a sustainable bridge to all other sciences and professions.

The ECP 2025 in Paphos invites us all to discuss, reflect and seek creative solutions in dialog with other sciences and professions.

ECP2025 in Paphos is also the ideal place to learn, develop and recharge for your own professional practice.

Paphos promises: “New knowledge through memorable experiences:” With its history, ECP2025 offers the opportunity to combine European tradition with innovative research and practice, to meet people from many cultures and societies and to jointly develop psychology as a science and profession in the service of Agenda 2030 and beyond.

We are all looking forward to a joyful, creative, and inspiring ECP2025 in Paphos!

Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinebach

EFPA President