EFPA is the umbrella organization in Europe for national psychologists’ associations and currently comprises associations from 38 European countries, including all 27 member countries of the European Union.

Founded in 1981 EFPA has a long tradition of developing psychology (by enhancing scientific and professional standards), contributing to society (by using psychological knowledge and competences in support in particular of the UN sustainable development goals) and serving psychologists (by advancing, promoting and protecting the profession of psychologists at the national and European levels). 

EFPA has a network of some 350,000 psychologists through its Member Associations (professional practitioner psychologists and researchers) and many stakeholders including associate member organisations that represent aspects of psychology at the European level, and affiliated member European teaching and student organisations.

EFPA is a partner in many EU Commission funded research and development projects. EFPA sets a European standard of education, professional training and competence in psychology, EuroPsy. Find out more about EFPA’s strategy and aims.

Website: https://www.efpa.eu/